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Some Tips Of Buy NBA 2K20 VC Mule account.
1. We Will Send a New NBA 2K20 VC Mule Account to you by email.  But only provide a part of account informaitons(PSN Account PSN Password)
2. We Will get the account back 1-3days. 3000000 VC account and below will be recycle in 24 hours, 3000000-5000000 VC account will be recycle in 48 hours, 5000000-10000000 VC account will be recycle in 72 hours. 
3. Please use VC as soon as you received the account, then transfer VC to MT and send MT to your own account before our recycle timePlease don't change any account info. 
(Please read more details on the page below)
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NBA 2K20 VC PS4 Account Q&A Center  
There is something you may be interested in before making a purchase.

1. Q: I purchased 900000 VC Account,why it take so long to complete my order?
A: This kind of account is a custom item, which means we start preparing the account while receiving your order. The more amount needs more time to prepare, so please wait with patience after placed order. When the account ready, we will send it to your email box as soon as it completed.

2. Q: Will the payment review happens again if I purchase a new order next time?
A: If the payment price was too big, the payment review will start again. 

3. Q: Which game mode can I use VC?
A: VC is suitable for any mode in the game.

4. Q: Can I keep this account?
A: Usually, we don't suggest you keep this account for your long term use, 3000000 VC account and below will be recycle in 24 hours, 3000000-5000000 VC account will be recycle in 48 hours, 5000000-10000000 VC account will be recycle in 72 hours. 
But If you really want to keep it forever, you can pay 5 USD extra fee. Our team will provide all the important information for you to fully access the account. 
Our accounts all created through league methods, the VCs in our accounts are all collecting by playing games.  Once you choose to buy it forever, we only guarantee the account's safety before delivery, any problem happens after delivery will not be our responsibility.

5. Q: What should I do after received this account?
A: Please use the provided information to log in this account on your PS4 asap, then use the VC to open packs (It's unable to transfer VC between 2 accounts directly). You will gather some player cards after opened packs, please sell those cards in the auction house and exchange them to MT. Next, list some player cards in the auction house and use this mule account to buy them. After this step, you will be able to transfer MT to your own account.  (Notice: Once you exchange VC to MT, you are unable to change MT back to VC. )

6. Q: What if the account banned before I transfered all the MT?
A: We need to recommend that we only rent you the account with VC inside, you don't own the account, we only guarantee normal login of this account. You logged in and used VC, which means we successfully provided service. We have rights to reject your refund request because the service provided successfully as agreed.

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