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A 98 OVR NBA 2K19 Pascal Siakam Playoffs Moments Card Is Now Available

2019-06-03 09:19:52

In honor of a future All-Star Pascal Siakam’s outrageous performance in a Game victory of the 2019 NBA Finals series, now an NBA 2K19 Pascal Siakam Playoffs Moments card is added to NBA 2K19 MUT for a limited time.


In Thursday night’s game, Pascal Siakam finished with 14-for-17 shooting to record 32 points, and became the team’s second leading scorer. (Stephen Curry of the Warriors outscored him in the game with 34 points.) in addition, he also added eight rebounds, five assists, two blocks, and a steal for a solid performance.
Based on such excellent performance, no wonders that NBA 2K19 adds him to MUT in the form of a new Pink Diamond with a 98 overall rating.
Currentlt, there are two main ways to get a 98 OVR Pascal Siakam. One is to to purchase Playoffs Moments packs at MyTeam Market. Each pack costs cost 6,500 VC or 9,500 MT, and Cheap NBA 2K19 VC is on sale at Pointssale.com. Note that Pascal Siakam will be available in those packs for only a week.
Another way to get a 98 OVR Pascal Siakam is to bid him from the Auction area of MyTeam. Since the 96 overalls were getting high bids from 76,000 to 100,000 MT. So the newer PD is probably going to fetch a bit more at the auctions.

MyTeam Auction

Last, NBA 2K19 also adds a new 2K19 Moments Challenge for players to try to replicate Pascal Siakam’s stellar performance in the game.