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Advanced Defense Tips for NHL 19

2019-05-21 08:40:05

Defense is an important part in NHL 19. A good defense can sometimes make a difference between failure and success in a match. I see many new players asking how to play good defense in NHL 19 and there are lots of mixed thoughts. Today, in this article, I will share with you some advanced defense tips that benefits me a lot when I play the game. So, be sure to read on. And if you wanna buy NHL 19 points, Cheap NHL 19 Points are on sale on Pointssale.com.

Defense Guide

Good gap control is key. Playing the angles is way more beneficial than being aggressive. Use DSS and head them off into the corner. Worry about your positioning.
Don’t chase, its all about zone denial. Don’t let any man or puck through the middle.Don’t let any man or puck through the middle.
If the whole team can cover for you and rotates, try to stand up at the blue line and force a dump in or turnover by hitting if they try to carry it in. Unless you’re the last guy back. If you’re the last man back on the line of defense, never hit, take away the pass. When on offense, try to stay along the boards. But if the puck is on the other side (left/right) of the ice, then you can shade towards the middle a bit
Most teams try and force one timers down low through the paint or if that's covered they go to the point. It's good to always have one defense man in the slot to cover the cross crease and if a forward is trying to pull you to the corner - don't. He won't know what to do with all the space and will likely try a stupid pass for an easy intercept if your team is competent in there own zone. Obviously that's not always the case but generally speaking people that play this game in drop in have no idea what they are doing.
Avoid giving open ice hits that take you out of position. get used to the poke check. use classic camera view. and use the pad to toggle the camera view often to know exactly where you are on the ice. keep moving, don’t get flat footed. turn auto back skate off. use L2 precision control alot. on 2 on 1 rushes, play the pass to cut off the one timer and leave the shot to only one side of the net. one touch passing is very important. always look for the pass before you pick up the puck. be one pass ahead if yourself.
Gap control is huge, don’t let them have space. You really don’t need much space to shoot so it’s important to be as close as possible to deflect and stop pucks. Always play the man and not the puck. As long as you contain your assignment you’ve done your job.


If you're aggressive, you will lose. Let the play come to you. You have to understand that there are a handful of ways to score and when you're defending, you have to be situationally aware and understand what the offensive player is trying to do. Very rarely, an opposing player will be able to do all of the cheese goals as they usually master one of them. If you;re going to overplay it, guaranteed. Sit in the passing while holding the skate backwards button.
Don't worry about hitting the puck carrier. The most important thing is positioning. Keeping the passing or shooting lane clogged is key. Be careful of using the poke check or stick lift. But if you can force the puck carrier to the boards, pin them. That's about all I got. Others have given you some great advice.