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An Ultimate NHL 19 Goalie Guide: Camera Angles, Goalie Positioning, And Goalie Controls

2019-03-11 09:22:26

Playing as the goaltender can be a very difficult task, and is the last line of defense and thus having a quality goalie is crucial to a team’s success. The most integral elements when playing goalie are being able to be mobile while in the butterfly. This quick article will show you how to take your goalie skills to the next level in NHL 19.

NHL 19 Goalie Guide

Camera Angles

Top-Down Style Cameras (Overhead, Zone, Classic). it is very helpful for knowing where everyone is on the ice and recognize the open man for one timers or set plays in general. In addition,the camera doesn't (or rarely) moves when the puck is in your zone. The main disadvantage is that it can be tough to know if you are in position as your angles are harder to read with the camera positioned much further away compared to other cameras.

Up-Close Cameras (Low, High, Dynamic Low/Med/High) - Basically the opposite of the previous cameras. The camera is much closer to the action giving you the more immersive feel. The advantage is that it is easier to know whether you have your angles covered to make a save. However, you cannot see the entire ice and some skaters will be outside of your view.

Hybrid Style Cameras (Fixed, Action, Ice) - These are a middle ground of the previous cameras. The advantage is that you can see almost the entire ice and the camera is close enough to read angles.

Goalie Positioning

So now that we have the controls and camera angles out of the way, it’s time to talk about goalie positioning. Just remember that you should play no further than the middle of the crease—with the odd exception from time to time. When the puck is in the slot, it is best to stand in the middle of the crease to cover all of your angles. Conversely, if the puck is at the wide points, make sure your feet are just slightly ahead of the posts. Last, When the puck is right behind your net, drop to butterfly and stay still until the skater commits to one side. To unlock better hockey goaltender, come to 93ah.com for Cheap NHL 19 Points, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online.

Goalie Movement Controls

The Stand-Up Goalie

I highly suggest standing up as much as possible to keep your movements under control. The stand-up goaltending style relies on size, quick reflexes and passing to succeed. This style provides the ability to react and maximize net coverage dynamically.

The Butterfly Goalie

This goaltending style perfectly corrects for the main weakness of the stand-up style: stopping low shots. Most of the time, goalies will boost you get for your reflexes and positioning.

The Hybrid Goalie

This goaltending style is a basic yet very important skill that will avoid you giving up weak goals. The advantage of this goalie style is that you will have good reflexes with this build and can tweak your weight and height to suit your playstyle.

Now we are wrapped up with this NHL 19 goalie guide. Hopefully, with this guide, you will score more points in NHL 19.