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Best Build for Each Position In NBA 2K19

2019-04-30 08:39:21

Honestly saying, there is no such thing as best builds but bad builds of course exist. Because, players can practically play what you want, just a matter of how well you play him and taking smart shots etc. Here, the “best build for each position” means the builds that are just fun and dominant to play in general. So, if you feel interested, keep on reading.


PG, SG, SF, PF: Pure Sharps, Shot creating sharps, 2-way sharps
Simply put shooting will always be one of the best attributes and have the best badges in the game 3>2. Somewhat a one size fits all as it is hard to be a bad sharpshooter with badges.
PG, SG: PlaySharps and ShotMakers, pure shot creators(short)
These have the best combination of shooting and ball handling. Most popular builds but not for everyone because of the lower shooting and high ball control and not everyone knows how to take advantage of that. Badges are the key factor in deciding which build and which position as well as height to an extent.
PG, SG, SF: Slashing Shot Creators, Pure Playmakers, shot creating playmakers, sharpshooting shot creators
This rounds out pretty much the less seen builds that I think are still pretty useful, good and with the right stick skills deadly. None are all too similar and do a few different things well. These suffer I think just from a few other builds doing the same things as these as well as more/better. But if you are looking for a specific set of attributes and badges this can be a good fit.
SG,SF,PF: Lockdown variants
These are really just the best positions to fit in a lock day archetype, because in 5v5 games they allow your defensive badges to affect 3 positions on the court. Got a pretty big buff this year. And can be annoying in game for guys that really don't take care of the ball and go for risky passes and dribble moves.
PF,C: Pure Glass, rebounding athletic, Post with post/shot creat/slashing/reb/    
Firstly I would say that the post is similar to ball handling/dribbling with guards; don’t bother making one if you cant/wont put in the time to learn to use it. They have basic moves that any can use but that's only using some of the builds arsenal if you're only gonna do drop steps and spins. Other builds don’t have the offensive potential of post builds but can dominate the game in other ways with screens and boards.
After all, game is all about fun. You can put your players based on what you are comfortable with. If you wanna increase your chance of winning matches, the above mentioned builds do have some points. That’s all with this article. For more news and guides on NA 2K19, stay tuned to Pointssale.com. If you don't have enough time to play NBA 2K19 and earn VC, you can come to Pointssale.com for Cheap NBA 2K19 VC Boosting. Compared to other online sellers, our price is definitely much cheaper.