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Best Point Guard (PG ) Builds in NBA 2K19 MyCareer Mode

2019-05-30 08:41:24

NBA 2K19 MyCareer features the archetype player creation system which allows players to create their own unique character. The PG is always a hot position in the game, here Pointssale.com will teach you how to make the best PG builds:


Once you start MyCareer, the next step is to choose two qualities that define how the character's stats begin and develop as you progress.
Here’s a list of the basic archetypes with a brief summary of seven basic attributes that define their gameplay:
Passing & Ball Handling: When you start here, your biggest stat boosts are typically in Steals, Ball Handling and Acceleration.
Shot Creating: Mid-range shots and Acceleration are good when you start here.
Three-Point Scoring: Mid-Range and Three-Point scoring are good when you start here.
Driving & Finishing: You’’re good at Layups, Dunks, Verticals, Speed and Acceleration.
Defending: Steals, Blocks, Lateral Quickness, Speed and Acceleration
Post-Scoring: Layups, Post Offense and Strength
Rebounding: Rebounding, Stamina and Strength
As with PG, there are totally 3 type of PG you can choose to build: Pure Sharpshooter such as Ray Allen, Two-way Playmaker such as Chris Paul, Shot Creating Playmaker such as Kyrie Irving, every type PG has its options, you can set as the follow:
Pure Sharpshooter: Height – 6’2, Weight – 180 Pounds, Wingspan – 80 inches
Two-way Playmaker: Height – 6’5, Weight – 188 Pounds, Wingspan – 82 inches
Shot Creating Playmaker: Height – 6’2, Weight – 188 Pounds, Wingspan – 78 inches
Top 3 Recommended PG Builds
Build 1:
Primary Shot Creating/Secondary Passing & Ball-Handling
Position: Point Guard
Archetype: Playmaking Shot Creator
Height: 6'4
Weight: 175 lbs (minimum)
Wingspan: 78.3'' - 82.9'' (minimum to default)
It's a very all-around build and has the potential to be better than a Sharpshooting Playmaker if you use it right. The only problem with this build is the low catch and shoot ability but it makes up for it by being pretty good at finishing and shooting moving shots.

Build 2:
Primary Shot Creating/Secondary Driving & Finishing
Position: Point Guard
Archetype: Slashing Shot Creator
Height: 6'4
Weight: 195 lbs
Wingspan: 82.0''
I recommend this build for couple of reasons. ou can speed boost and get contact dunks and can still shoot with ratings in the mid to high 70s. Again you have to decide whether you want to go with PG or SG: PG gives you silver Dimer while SG gives you silver shooting badges. Personally, I  suggest you  play park or the cages with this build, as this build can finish very well close to the rim, a skill that the other two guard builds don't really have.

Build 3:
Primary Passing & Ball-Handling/Secondary 3pt Shooting
Position: Shooting Guard
Archetype: Sharpshooting Playmaker
Height: 6'5
Weight: 205 lbs
Wingspan: 79.3'' (minimum)
This build is a pass-first shooting guard that can still shoot at an effective rate. The best way to play it is to runnhrees on park or Pro-Am with a 4 or 5 out offense as a point guard. Because this build is a primary Playmaker you are pretty quick with the ball and are capable of beating your man off the dribble for a quick layup or a stepback three.
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