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Here’s A Neverwinter Dragon Bane Achievement Guide for Solo Players

2019-05-20 08:41:51

First and foremost, Dragon Bane Achievement is going to take a long while to complete. After all, 1000 dragons is a whopping a amount. Luckily, it's also not as long as you fear, either, if you have some patience. You can do it by teaming up with your friends or just yourself. Note that you have to be Lvl 70 or above to do this skirmish solo. If you prefer to do it solo, here’s exactly what you need.


Once you get to the fight, killing the Dragonlings should take anywhere between 1-2 minutes. It starts to take longer as you'll get more and more injuries. You can mitigate this a little bit by buying Divine Wound Kits (earned during some weekend events) off the Auction House. Clerics shouldn't bother with these. The injuries have the following effects:
Legs: The dragons melt the steel off your boots; trudging through molten steel makes you slow.
Torso: You lose a substantial amount of HP. Your healer will no longer be bored.
Arms: Remember those sick crits you got at level 30? Well now you get to see those numbers again instead of the level 60 ones.
Head: Your ability cooldowns now last ten minutes instead of ten seconds. That's sarcasm.
You can buy wound kits to deal with this, but it will take 100 gold to buy enough to clear every injury you'll ever get. Most likely, you're too poor and you're stuck fighting with foam swords.
In the end, this method isn't that bad. My initial solution said to commit suicide using the "I Am Stuck" function to kill yourself. Rumor says the developer get a ping every time you do this so they can investigate. Do not do this. Another solution says the developers will not care. Maybe not, but none of us know anything at all. I don't recommend it and you do it at your own risk. Once you learn how to die, it's only marginally faster and you'll still need the same number of sessions. My group had everyone try to die and if they didn't die to the fireballs, then you use "I Am Stuck" to kill yourself to limit the time wasted.
So if you want to take the risk like I did, once you kill the dragons you press a black button and scroll all the way to the right. Select "I Am Stuck". This will give you the option to kill yourself instantly and respawn at the nearest fire.
Side note: If you're lvl. 40-47 you can queue this skirmish. Between the waiting times in the well of dragon, you can visit pirate's sky hold and kill this additional dragon. It even gets you some astral diamonds. And if you need more Zen, Cheap Neverwinter Zen are on sale at Pointssale.com.
That’s the end of this guide. Hope it helps! For more news and guides on Neverwinter, stay tuned to Pointssale.com.
Good luck!