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Here’s An Ultimate Guide for Item Refinement System in Neverwinter

2019-03-05 08:47:47

One of the most frequently asked question in Neverwinter community is that how does the item refinement system work in Neverwinter and how to farm refinement stones fast. As we know, since in Module 12, the refinement system received a huge overhaul where refinement points are not as important as before. Most newbies to the game often get confused with how the item refinement system work in Neverwinter. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be giving you a nice rundown of how the item refinement system works in Neverwinter.

Item Refinement


Refining an enchantment is basically just leveling a mod to increase your armor, weapon and stats. There are different colored enchants in the game, like azure, profane and so on, and each enchant grants one of 3 stat boosts among offensive,defensive or utility. Like any other game, to refine an item like enchants or artifact gear, you need to collect certain materials to feed them. After leveling them by refining them at a certain point you can upgrade them to the next rank.
You level an enchantment or runestone by feeding it other enchantments, runestone, or refinement stones (eg, white pearl, peridot, etc), which gives it Refinement Points. When it's ready to level, you have to feed it marks of potency (minor, lesser, greater, etc, as specified) to make it more powerful. By feeding it the same type (eg, azure to azure, profane to profane, etc) you get twice as many refinement points. You can also buy those resources and points with Cheap Neverwinter Zen from 93ah.com, a top online in-game currency store. As a top online in-game currency store, we’ve received great population from customers all over the world for our cheap price and reliable service. So, give it a try!
Each type of enchantment/runestone gives a specific bonus depending on whether it's slotted into an offensive, defensive, or utility slot. All three bonuses (two in the case of runestones) are listed in the description, though only one is active at any given time.
Artifact equipment (weapons, neck, and belts) use refinement stones (peridots, black opals, resonance stones etc.) also items drop in castle never that are made just for weapons, necks and belts.
Enchantments/Runestones (1st) Thaumaturgic (Great for bonding stones) stones should be used 1st as they are made for enchantments (stones from sharandar dailies) (2nd) enchantments(same to same for best value Azure to azure etc), (3rd) refinement stones (these should not be used except for the Thaumaturgic stones)
Artifacts can use all of the above refinement and should be refined last to avoid using refinement from other stuff. There are refinement stones also made for artifacts. Power stones, Union stones, stones Stability (can get these in dread ring dailies) are for your artifacts and if you have some use them before all other refinement, then enchantments and lastly refinement stones.


After you’ve had basic understanding of the item refinement in Neverwiner, collecting the certain resourcing like refinement stones, runestones is what you’re gonna do next. Fortunately, there is a wider variety of ways to collect those resources. You can find all those resources on map or by completing certain quests. For example, to find resonance stones,maps in somi are the easiest place to get it ,or in your case rp. You can also earn them by running the heralds in well of dragons, as they drop reso stones on completion.
That’s the basic of how the item refinement works in Neverwinter. For more news, guides and upgrades on Neverwinter, stay tuned to 93ah.com.