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Here’s An Ultimate Guide for Neverwinter Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

2019-02-20 08:49:26

It is a very long and grinding process to finish the tasks and kill all the dragons in the Neverwinter Tyranny of Dragons Campaign. Many beginners may find it very confusing and don’t know where to get started. Luckily, we’re here to help you how to complete the campaign step by step.So, just keep on reading.



Task One: Assist The Harpers
You can only be able to unlock Neverwinter Tyranny of Dragons Campaign until reaching level 26. so, if you are qualified, find Harper Bowen, a Quest Giver NPC, in Protector’s Enclave near the Rewards Claim Agent in the north part of the city to complete a set of quests before unlocking your first task “Assist the Harpers”.
After you’ve completed the quests, you will be leaded to Harper Windle in Neverdeath Graveyard. Then speak to her and you will unlock the “Cult Communications” quest. By completing the quest, you’ll unlock the first task “Assist the Harpers”.
To finish the task “Assist the Harpers”, you need to need three Dragon Hoard Coins and two Cult Secrets, which can be obtained by completing the quests that Harper Windle gives out.
Task Two: Assist The Order of The Gauntlet
Once you’ve completed the “Assist the Harpers” task three times, you need to talk to the nest NPC,Preceptor Theraclast who sits next to Harper Boward in Protector’s Enclave to begin unlocking the second task“Assist the Order of the Gauntlet. Likewise, you will also need to speak to a Quest Giver NPC named Harper Windle in Neverdeath Graveyard, where you will unlock his “Remnants of the Past” quest before the second task “Assist the Order of the Gauntlet”. By  doing Heiron’s quests, you will obtain the items required as in the task one to finish the “Assist the Order of the Gauntlet” task.
Task Three: Assist The Lords Alliance
Again, you need to speak to another Quest Giver NPC named Fitzhugh Montgomery who will offer you  “A Miner Setback” quests before unlocking the “Assist the Lords’ Alliance” task. As usual, the same requirements of Dragon Hoard Coins and Cult Secrets are needed to complete the task.
Task Four: Assist The Emerald Enclave
Next, you will begin the final “Assist the Emerald Enclave” task in the same way as above mentioned, speak to a Quest Giver NPC named Delrin Bass  and complete his “Free Passage” quest before unlocking the “Assist the Emerald Enclave”task. During the process, you need to collect items as it requires in the game. With your attention, you will need to complete it five times before finally finishing it.


After you finished the “Assist the Emerald Enclave”task, you will move to the next phase of the game and be faced with three different paths: Adventuring Gear, Assist the Zhentarim and Dragon Hoard Enchantments. Herein we will not discuss the three paths. If you wanna rank up fast to unlock Tyranny of Dragons Campaign, come and buy Cheap Neverwinter Zen at 93ah.com. As a top online in-game currency store, we offer the cheapest price online, along with reliable and fast service. So, have a try. For more on Neverwinter series, stay tuned for 93ah.com.