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How to Beat Cover 3 in Madden 19

2019-05-27 08:38:12

Generally, Cover 2, 3, & 4 are the basis of a good defense. Against a particularly run-heavy team, maybe you'll have to do some Cover 1 / Man coverage. Cover 3 is a kind of exceedingly popular defense as you play at higher levels. To help you beat it, today we are going over one easy way to get big chunks of yards against cover 3 defenses in Madden 19. And if you are in need of Cheap Madden 19 Points, you can always visit Pointssale.com.


How to beat cover 3 in Madden 19?
Use a play called PA Slot Wheel found in Trips TE. However, you need to hot route the tight end on a drag, block the running back and send the middle receiver on the Trips side on a streak route. This play is one example of what I mean by delayed routes over the middle. Imagine a regular post route. The receiver runs a streak, then immediately cuts down the middle. The route ran by the outside receiver in this play takes a split second longer. Forcing that safety to drop back a split second more, opening up more space in front of him. Putting the tight end on a drag ends up helping 2 routes. He’s there as the Lo read in the Hi-Lo read I went over earlier. That’s put him between the delayed post route down the middle. So, he’ll take advantage of user linebackers in the middle deciding to drop back deep to cover the post route and open up the post if the linebacker stays short to cover the drag. Once the tight end moves more towards the sidelines, he creates another Hi-Lo read with the wheel route on the sideline defender. Since the streak is clearing out the corner as a decoy, the underneath guy has to cover 2 routes. If he stays deep with the wheel, you’ll have the tight end. If they play underneath, the wheel is there.
As with information, honestly, every formation has plays to beat all coverages. Take an offensive formation you like, and run the passing plays against rando Cover 2 and 3 plays (you can do this easily in practice mode). Start finding routes that beat those coverages consistently, and then begin to understand why those route combos work. Something as simple as a check and release route can be the difference between a post route destroying Cover 2 over the middle, and you having to go to a second read.

Good passers will beat basic coverages.You know that, because you're a good passer. Against these players it's important not only to keep mixing up the defensive playcalls, but also to "spice things up" somehow. You can't have your whole defensive line drop back into zone, but you can grab one of them and lurk around like a linebacker. Find a receiver and make him not open. You'd be surprised how often the guy you wind up covering would have been WIDE open, and how often this results in the opponent not being able to make their first read. Forcing players like this to extend their pass plays gives you opportunities for sacks, incompletions, and interceptions.