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How to Beat Legendary Squad Battle in FIFA 19

2019-06-06 08:42:44

Beating Legendary AI in FIFA 19 Squad Battles has always been difficult for most players. Therefore, in this FIFA 19 Squad Battles complete guide, I’ll show to how I manage to do it. Hope it can be helpful to you.

Squad Battles


4-3-2-1, or other formations you are best familiar with or good at.

Team Tactics

Defensive Style: Pressure on Heavy Touch
Width/Depth: 5 Bars (Middle)
Offensive Style: Posession Width: 5 Bars Players in box: personal preference, although i must say, 5 bars works well Corners/Free kicks: 3 bars
This will ensure that your team doesnt move out of position unless there is a realistic chance of getting the ball while on the offense you are not caught offguard when a pass goes wrong.

Player Instructions

Set all of your front three to ‘get in behind’. Set your central CM to an attacking mentality (get in box for crosses and get forward) and your other two midfielders to ‘stay back while attacking’. Set both of your full backs to ‘always overlap’. That's it pretty much.

Type of Players needed

I’ll cover all the different players below and try and explain which players to strive for and why with some options for different budgets. You can unlock these players with Cheap FIFA 19 Coins at Pointssale.com, a professional online in-game currency store. Here we go:
Striker: mix of speed, good dribbling (agility) and a good shot. Decent passing/strength is a plus. Don't look at height.

High budget: IF Lacazette, Aguero
Mid budget: Rodrigo
Low budget: Normal Lacazette, Smolov
Wingers: Speed and dribbling ofc but most important is a 4*WF and good shot, pref above 80 because they're semi strikers. These (along with central CM) are your prime players!

High budget: (POTM) Hazard, Mbappe, Sane, OTW/IF Felipe Anderson
Mid budget: Son, Martial, Rashford, POTM Lucas, Perisic, Reus, Promes
Low budget: Guedes, Thauvin
Central CM: This guy supports your attack so you need high att workrates and ideally 4* WF. Good physics (height/strength) are key to win the midfield battles. Unfortunately dribbling/passing is also needed for smooth playmaking. Demanding role this.

High budget: Pogba (GOAT), De Bruyne, IF Hulk (I leave out Icons but want to mention Socrates here)
Mid budget: IF Talisca, Kondogbia
Low budget: Rabiot, NIF Talisca
Wide CMs: They are your backbone defensively. You pref want H/H work rates. Stamina, defense and physics are really important. If possible, dribbling is key for quick and agile defensive play / pass interception.

High budget: (OTW) Nainggolan, Kante, OTW Goretzka
Mid budget: Matuidi, Fred, NIF Goretzka, Saul, Paulinho, Rakitic (less ideal)
Low budget: Tolisso, Gueye, Ander Herrera
RB/LB: Because you use them to overlap your narrow attacking formation you need them to have high stamina and good crossing. H/M or H/H workrates and a good WF so you can cut back and cross if needed. Pace is somewhat less relevant.
High budget: Alex Sandro, Walker, OTW Cancelo, Flashback Juan Fran, Alba
Mid budget: IF Cancelo, IF Meunier (really good!), OTW Vrsaljko
Low budget: Ricardo Pereira, Sergi Roberto (better then stats suggest), Robertson
CB: The usual suspects. Height/Defense combined with decent pace, short pass and dribbling (!) as far as I'm concerned. Ideally M/H workrates. Reactions/Dribbling is really needed.

High budget: Ramos, Varane, Umtiti, van Dijk
Med budget: IF Matip, Skriniar, OTW Sokratis
Low budget: De Vrij, Miranda, Nacho Fernandez, Pavard, Stones, Toprak
GK: Whatever is needed for chem. Really that's it. Reflexes is the key stat when selecting your preferred GK.


General Gameplay Tips:
Play the safe pass - the difficulty you choose affects how the opponent's player stats are boosted. However, you should assume that each player gets boosted to 99 interceptions and 99 marking. Hence, it's more beneficial to play the safe pass and build up slowly.
Avoid sprinting - Sprinting negatively affects your player's passing and shooting. Also, the faster you play, the faster the AI will play.
Avoid tackling - this may sound foolish but the most effective way to win the ball in Squad battles is to cover the passing lane. You are less likely to win the ball if you run and tackle the AI player. Instead, focus on cutting the passing lanes especially the return pass (from 1-2 passing).
Play through your talisman - use your best player(s) to create space for the other players. The most effective dribbles against the AI are the drag-back, heel-to-heel flick and the ball roll. Use these dribbles when the AI is stacked inside the penalty box and you need to create space.
Don't lose your cool - the AI will score! More often than not, the AI goals are unstoppable. The normal reaction would be to change your playing style but you shouldn't. Try your best to shake it off and stick to your game plan.