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How to Beat Tampa 2 Defense in The Red Zone And Dark Blue Zone in Madden 19

2019-05-29 08:40:56

Tampa 2 defense is a defense that was developed by Tony Dungy and Monte Kiffin in Tampa Bay during the late 1990's and 2000's. Like any defense, it has its weaknesses, and can’t be defeatable. In this article, I’ll tell you how to beat Tampa 2 defense in the red zone and dark blue zone based on my own experience.


How to beat Tampa 2 defense in the red zone?
Try checking out the singleback tight formation. Bench switch is a great play that has been awesome for years and works great against cover 2. The inside receivers run short out routes, and the outside receivers will run post routes. To stop on defense you basically have to user it, but the play is mirrored, allowing you to read the user coverage and throw to the other side. The formation is also great to run the dive out of. Mixing those 2 plays up, along with other plays you like in the formation, and your opponent will have to guess/commit to one or the other. Read the D, and attack what they are not covering.
How to best Tampa 2 in Dark Blue Zone?
If somebody has a good user and knows how to switch out their hard and Cloud Flats, it can be tough. Nut as an inexperienced player, you just have to chip away and take what you can get. You have to do floods and levels Concepts to see what type of zones they're playing and try to hit em in between, then mix that in with the running game and take 3 and 4 yards at a time. You can also practice running a tight end on a streak to distract the mlb and certain post routes will get underneath the middle linebackers Deep Blue.....
For me, personally I run a lot of 2/2/1 against Tampa 2, so skinny posts is a good play for me to see what the defense is trying to do. I slant one TE and drag the other, depending on the short side of the field. Make a quick read on your tight ends and see where the user goes. Usually to the wide side of the field. And once they start to bite down you always have the stock wide receiver routes over the middle. Not something you can run all the time but definitely something you can work in 3 or 4 times a game when you need to.
In the west coast playbook, you can run out of the Singleback Y Trips formation. In there is a play called Smash, which has two receivers on one side. The slot runs a corner and the outside receiver runs a quick comeback route. The corner covering him will have to make a decision, and in the Tampa 2 will typically bite on the corner route, leaving the quick comeback (or any other route in the flats) wide open. Dink/dunk. Then when the shift up to cover the hard flats (like a base cover 2 instead of tampa), go ahead and hit that corner route or the tight end that goes streaking up the middle.
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