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How to Best Play 4321 Formation and Counter 4321 Formation on FIFA 19

2019-05-28 08:42:24

TBH 4231 has been a popular formation in FIFA for years. It didn't get big on the forums until the champions cup streams last year showed a lot of top pros using it. It gets even more popular in FIFA 19 now because switching formations in game is way easier so people are using starter formations for chem and deploying their ideal formation in-game at a way higher rate. The balance of the formation is ideal for the game. So, how to best pay this mega 4231 formation and how to counter this formation?

FIFA 19 Formaion

How to best play meta 4231 formation?

Player instructions:

Fullbacks: I would always keep them on stay back while attacking. You can still use them on your buildup play. This is by far the best option in my opinion to not allow opponent to exploit open gaps in your defence.
CDMs: This is all down to preference. I personally prefer having one cdm to "stay back" and "cover center". And another one at "balanced" and "cover center".
Middle Cam: My recommendation is to put him on "stay forward" and "conservative interceptions". Middle cam is very demanding towards players stamina, and conservative interceptions helps that. Stay forward is very important to your middle cam to make sure your team is not too stale and deep, and ready to hit counters when there is a chance.  
Widecams: I would say keeping them on balanced is a safer way to go, but you can get away with having them as well on stay forward if you feel like you don’t need them in defense. Especially if your opponent attacks with his fullbacks, having them on stay forward offers you a chance to hit quick counters.
Striker: This is also down to preference and your personnel. One thing I would say, is to have a st who can hold up the play as well and also win headers. If you like more target man type of st, keep him on stay central and balanced.
custom tactics:
Defensive style: Pressure on heavy touch, Width and Depth at 5. Very balanced. This works for me, but if you prefer defending deeper I would put depth into 4 or even 3. Not lower. And not higher than 5. Width I always prefer keeping on 5 this year with 4231. Pressure on heavy touch is what I use now, but balanced and pressure after possession loss can work as well. Try which works the best for you.
Attacking style: Balanced, Width 7, Players in the box 6, corners and set pieces on 3. I would always recommend balanced. However rest are down to your preferences.


How to counter4231 formation in FIFA 19?

442, leave your wingers on balanced. Work down the wings building triangles and go back and forth in an unpredictable fashion, switch the play, play slow then suddenly fast and go for the through ball, hug the sideline if he's crowding you with constant pressure.This is how I do it:

4-4-2 (2)
Defensive Style: Drop back.
Offensive Style: Fast build up.
Defensive: Narrow and a touch deeper than default
Offensive: Wingers slightly wider than opponents fullbacks and default depth.
Have a striker with high passing (I use KDB - converted to CF) with "False 9" instructions.
Have a striker with good pace/heading (I use Lukaku) with "Get in behind" instructions.
Use Wingers with great crossing and at least one with good heading (I use Prime Giggs and Perisic supersub) - Both with "Get in behind" instructions and "Come back on defence".
Use CDMs with good pace and defence (I use 88 Keane and Futswap Lerma) with "Stay back while attacking". You can unlock these players with Cheap FIFA 19 Coins at Pointssale.com.
Use CBs with good stand tackle (Vertonghen and Bailly with Anchor/Shadow respectively.)
Fullbacks should have good crossing and no changes to instructions.
Park that bus bby, counter on the break. Through balls and crosses to the strikers is how you get your goals. The ping-pong passes usually bring the defenders further forward making the counter attacks deadly. The one admonition is that you need clinical finishers as you may only have 2-5 shots a game.