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How to Increase Attributes Cap Fast in NBA 2K 19 MyCareer

2019-05-16 08:42:52

Many NBA 2K19 beginners ask how to increase MyPlayer Attribute Cap in NBA 2K19 MyCareer Mode to increase Team OVR. In fact, team mate grade or attribute cap has nothing to do with overall. So, you don't have to get every single stat of your MyPlayer to a 99 to have your overall rating be a 99, just like LBJ is a 95 overall in the game but not every single one of his stats is rated a 95.


Upgrading your player is kind of needlessly complex in this game. Upon first making your player, based on your archetype, each one of your stat categories (playmaking, shooting off dribble etc) will cap out at a certain upgrade bar which limits how far you can upgrade certain stats.
Also, initially, you also won't be able to upgrade all the way up to the cap for each of your stats. For example, even if your cap for defense is 6 bars and you haven't upgraded it a single time yet, if you max out other stats and use all your available upgrades, you won't be able to upgrade any bars for your defense until you fill up the attribute upgrade bar.
You fill this up by going to practices during MyCareer and doing workouts, playing 2v2s etc (but really most people just do 2 vertical jumps, because it's quicker than every other method and it fills up the doin work bar completely), which fills up the "doin work" bar for that specific practice session and when you end the practice session, however much you have filled up of that bar empties and transfers to your attribute upgrade bar.
Once you fill the attribute upgrade bar (which will take several practices of filling up the doin work bar, but it really isn't that hard at all, just really grindy and time consuming). Contrary to what common sense would say, it does not raise the caps, but it allows you to upgrade more bars. once you max out your bars the maximum number of times that MyCareer allows, and use all of your available upgrades, you'll still only be at a 95. How do you get to a 99? well, by playing park. bear in mind though, even at a 99 overall, your caps will still be the exact same as when you started, those never change. however, filling up all of those bars completely is what gets you to a 99, which will require playing both MyCareer and park, and a whole lot of VC. Yes, it's grindy, yes, it's needlessly roundabout and confusing, and yes it takes a ridiculous amount of VC.
Passing and assists are a great way to improve your teammate grade in MyCareer.


Make sure to go to every team practice after an NBA game and complete drills that you feel you can get 3 stars on comfortably (if you just want to improve your overall and break your caps) or run for badges your archetype relies on, posterizer for slasher for example.
If it’s VC you’re needing to improve your overall... 2k is greedy and it’s a slow process to grind it up. In this case, why not buy Cheap NBA 2K19 VC right from Piontssale.com? We offer the cheapest VC online with fast delivery. Lowering the quarter lengths in MyCareer can help boost your VC per hour gain, as you can do 2 games every hour or so if you’re quick to complete practice as well, and make sure to take a break every so often, grinding can get tedious.
If you struggle on defense, make sure to not chase your man outside of the D or mindlessly run into your teammates; leaving your man open for a 3pt shot is brutal, especially this time around, can also bring a defense breakdown hit to your teammate grade and hurt it even more.