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How To Rebuild A Team In NBA 2K19 MyLeague

2019-05-23 08:42:19

Many beginners asking how to rebuild a team in NBA 2K19 MyLeague. In fact, rebuilding through draft and FA is pretty easy if you have some assets on your team. Check out rosters and rankings and find out which picks are worth your players and try and make a deal. Once you get a lottery pick, 2k makes it really easy to trade up to a higher pick during the draft. Clear enough cap space for a few free agents and try to strike gold with superstars. Also the Pistons will almost always match your offer for Drummond in year one, so offer him a one year deal so you can try and get him the next. Always use the Untapped Potential training camps on your young players. Here’s how you gonna rebuild a team.

The Start

First, you need to evaluate what your team is,. if yo are the nets, don’t try to make a great team in a year. Next, know what you have. If you have a 3 90+ Centers,even though it might a good offer, don’t get another center. Try to get good players (78+) with good contracts (Low Price, High Years) players such as Jae Crowder, Isaiah Thomas, D'Angelo Russell, And Kemba Walker. If you can’t get good cheap players, get PickS. Wizards and Kings are pretty good bets.

The Draft

If you aren't using a draft class, don’t draft. If you have draft picks in a generated draft, trade them. You can get much better. And remember good cheap players until free agency.In real drafts , pick a player that you've heard of. They'll be higher rated, the more popular. If not, risk It or get the top expected pick.

Free Agency

If you have to dump cap, toss the Timofey Mozgov of your team to the Warriors. It will increase your odds of getting Curry or Durant. Curry can play PG Or SG and Durant can play PF SF Or SG. Don’t offer anyone 29+ a no trade clause unless it's your last season. Also don't plan on keeping a older player for more than a year. They just get worse, besides Lebron. Role players can be old, 1 year contracts and If Melo Wants minimum, it's worth .It’s same with Aldridge. Alternatively, you can buy elite players with Cheap NBA 2K19 VC at Pointssale.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

Repeat (The Process)

Go back to the start of this guide for the next season.

Here’s an video example:


There are plenty of good teams in MyLeague. Here I recommend you two of them. First, Miami. They have a lot of subpar players with terrible contracts. Limited picks available and no trade assets. Whiteside, Johnson, Waiters, Olynyk and Dragic all have useless contracts. Their salary isn’t worth their value which makes trading them a pain in the ass. Every team is over the cap limit so all you can really do is trade a 2 or 3 year contract for a 1 year contract which still doesn’t help all too much unless you trade most of those players because all the good players are expensive and will put you way over cap still.
Next, Grizzlies have to be up there. Here’s your scenario: 65% of your cap space is split between Mike Conley, Marc Gasol, and Chandler Parsons. Your role players are an intriguing mix of second round picks and undrafted overachievers. Free agents rarely choose Memphis as a destination, so building through wise signings, trades, and the draft is the name of the game.
Now you know how to rebuild a team in NBA 2K19 MyLeague.