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Madden 20 Patch 1.20 Update Patch Notes

2019-12-16 14:11:26

EA Madden NFL 20 underwent another major update on Wednesday.

For its December title update, new alternate versions of every offensive and defensive playbook for each team have been updated. These playbooks closely mimic what the teams have actually used through the current NFL season.

It is Title Update 1.20, and this time a number of stars saw their Superstar Abilities upgraded to X-Factors, and many have dropped from both of the aforementioned groups. Most notably, the already devastating Lamar Jackson has justifiably been upgraded to an X-Factor player.

Linebacker Shaq Thomson, guard Trai Turner, safety Tre Boston and tight end Ian Thomas also partook in the face-scanning process back in August, and their new looks just went live.

As for the rest of the update to Madden NFL 20, certain players have received new X-Factor titles while others lost their designation based on their play during the current NFL season.

New alternate versions of every NFL playbook were also released. These playbooks are available in all modes, except Ultimate Team. Per EA, these playbooks will be available in MUT at a later date.

madden 20

Here are some of the specific playbook-related changes:

NFL Live Playbook Highlights:

    New formations: Defensive 4-3 Even, 6-1, 46 Cub, Dime Sugar 3-2, Dime Sugar Weak; Offensive Heisman package
    Inverted Veer changed to ‘Power Read’
    Updated play-calling AI for Ravens playbook to call more QB option run plays
    Defensive formations added to NFL Live playbooks for Bears, Dolphins, Lions, Patriots, Rams, Jets, Chiefs, Jaguars, Jets, Patriots, Saints, Lions, Vikings, Packers, Ravens
    Offensive formations added to NFL Live Playbooks for Ravens, 49ers, Rams, Bears, Seahawks, Jets, Chargers, Spread
    Fixed an issue causing misaligned players when using the Nickel Triple formation vs. Shotgun Taysom Hill Package
    Fixed an issue causing missing play art with base align/flip on some Nickel 3-3-5 plays
    Tuning to prevent user-controlled defenders from triggering fake-out animations vs. ball-carrier special moves (Juke, Spin, Hurdle) regardless of ratings match-up on Competitive game-style only. This applies vs. all ball carriers, including those holding X-Factor and Superstar abilities
    Fixed an issue causing the offense to get put into random formations when using hurry-up in MUT Squads

Franchise Updates
The franchise aspect of Madden 20 didn’t get a lot of attention in this update. There were two small coach related changes. Changes made to edited coaches should save in cloud and offline leagues. Also there was an issue addressed where coach users would sign a player to an extension, and the contract would change current year’s contract after entering the edit screen.

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