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NBA 2K20 downloads a patch by mistake in Stadia

2019-12-02 09:37:18

The 2K basketball title experiences a strange bug in Google's streaming game system, which does not have local hardware or hard drive to store such updates.

One of the main innovations and improvements of Google Stadia, the service of video games in the cloud of the technological giant of Mountain View, was the disappearance of the patches, the updates and the uncomfortable downloads of dozens of gigabytes of data before playing. However, it seems that the developers have not yet understood the concept well, and titles like NBA 2K20 have been put to download a patch by mistake in Stadia, preventing users from enjoying the title correctly. 2K Sports has reported that it is working to fix it.

nba 2k20

This reddit user has been stunned when, while playing NBA 2K20 in Stadia, the video game began to erroneously and compulsively download a patch. A patch that, we reiterate, should not exist in the version of this title for the Google platform because it lacks local hardware or physical storage device to host it. Although obviously 2K can update its game on Stadia servers, and it is a usual procedure, both the developer companies and Google itself used the patches, the waiting and the tedious facilities as an aspect to avoid from the consoles and the PC, highlighting They would be part of the past in streaming.

"We continue to work diligently with the developer on this issue. We are looking to have another update that you can enjoy after the Thanksgiving holiday. Meanwhile, NBA 2K can be played correctly after a small update. Thank you for your patience!" 2K quickly to see how the post quickly went viral and affirming that, although it should not be seen on the screen, it is true that his basketball game, strongly criticized by micropayments and its lack of quality in this edition, was improving so remote At the same time, Google began to clarify that everything was an error, and that a bar and a message that the end user of the system should not see was shown.

"Thank you for informing us of this. This is an in-game error that shows an unwanted screen. We are actively working with the developer to fix it, and we will stop by to report everything once there is an update," wrote the own Google on reddit. Google Stadia, one of the most ambitious and important projects of the company, offers streaming games, without local hardware of any kind, at great quality. In Vandal we have tested this service, analyzing one of its first exclusive games.

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