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Neverwinter Achievement Guide: How to Defeat 500 Trolls and Complete Troll Achievement

2019-04-29 08:39:29

In Neverwiner Troll Achievement, players are tasked with killing defeating 500 Trolls, the big and ugly, and apparently, quite frosty monsters. The number is huge, so anyway it gonna takes you some grinding to complete this achievement. However, where to find Trolls? In this article, Pointssale.com will recommend some places filled with Trolls to help you complete the achievement fast. So, keep on reading. And if you need Cheap Neverwinter Zen, you can also visit our website.


Where to find Tolls and Kill them?
Basically, you can find these foes past the second camp of Ice Spire Peak! This one will take some grinding to finally complete. Below, we’ve listed some recommended places where you can find those mobs and kill them.
First, you can also find trolls in Icespire Peak. I ran up 50 kills without even trying to in the mid-to-later half of the Icespire Peak adventure zone, although you can also find a few trolls in Rothe Valley under the bridges along the river by the village. I have found two trolls in ice spire peak. When you get the mission to speak to Garora Oakhew. There are two trolls on the way up. I thought they might be giants but they are trolls. Tall and blue. 2 down 498 to go. Though when you get to the top of the ridge on the plateau there are quite a few trolls. I guess it is just a case of running round in a big circle killing them. Then the achievement should pop.
On the top of the plateau after speaking to Garora, you will find 6 trolls in groups of 2. Also there is a single troll defended by 2 goblins on both sides making a grand total of 8 trolls. Kill them all is what I say. They are level 47. so as you level up higher, you will encounter more Trolls.
Halfway up the mountain is the Triage Camp that has 9 trolls close by. You can quickly circle the area killing all 9 and then change to a new instance and repeat. Due to the camp fire being right next to this group of trolls you don't spawn far away. You are limited to hopping instances every 2 min but this doesn't slow you down too much. I was able to average 9 kills in a little over 2 minutes. 216 kills an hour based on 9 kills per 2.5 minutes. Here’s the location of the camp:
In addition, the “Drowned Shore" is full of trolls. You will very likely get this achievement simply playing through the recurring quests there.
Go to Frozen Heart. The place is riddled with Trolls. You can easily get 9-11 percent every time you go through it. 
To check your progress on this trophy, first press the Options button > Quests > Journal > press R1 to go to Achievements > Slayer > hit a square shaped button to show them if they aren't visible and scroll down with R-stick to the Troll Slayer entries.
That’s the end of this guide. Hopefully it would helps.