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Neverwinter Guide: How To Upgrade Artifact Weapons Fast And Easily

2019-02-26 08:52:18

Since the release of Tyranny of Dragons, the fourth module of Neverwinter, Artifact Weapons are a major part of the refining system and gear progression. Many players, especially beginners often ask me how to upgrade their artifact weapons easily and fast. So, in this article, we’ll be presenting some best ways to go for it from experienced players.
Before we dive into further details, note that you must choose your weapon wisely before you upgrading it. Otherwise, it would be a huge waste of refining points.

Artifact Weapons

To upgrade your artifact weapon, you need multiple refining points. So many players think that the best time to do so is to wait for a double refining event to happen and upgrade weapon during a double refinement event. it is too time-consuming and unconcern. Here’s a trick to fix this problem.
In fact, starting with Underdark, any artifact weapon that has been upgraded to rank 15 or above will always refine into another piece of artifact equipment at double the rate, whether an event is running or not.  This means that refining an artifact weapon into artifact equipment will not be affected by double refinement events. Now there’s no need to wait, you can transfer the maximum amount of your investment at any time!
If you are a person who are into micro transaction in the game, try the second method - - buy refinement stones off the auction house or zen store. If you buy Zen from official in-game shop, it will costs you lots of money. Then why not come to 93ah.com? The price of our  Cheap Neverwinter Zen are much cheaper than that of official online in-game currency store. As a online professional online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great population from our customers all over the qorld. Don’t worry about our items. Come and get it! For fast, buy the high-value stones. Pretty much all there is to it. For most common/efficient, buy refinement stones that are sold in big stacks. Look for deals that lets you spend at a ratio of around 1.5 AD per 1 refinement point, more or less (depending on economy), and then start feeding them in. You need 4.6+ mil refinement points to get from green to legendary, so usually it's either spend more and click less, or vice versa.


Here are some other potential methods. For example, you could shop for green/blue level 60 items, looking for the exact same spend ratio, but this is really slow compared to just getting a big stack of stones. each item is worth a few hundred points and you have to manually slot them in one at a time. that's a long way to 4.6 million. Alternatively, you could feed epic items into the artifact, but the AD (if salvaged) to RP given is just atrocious -- you're better off salvaging the item for AD and then buying stones with the AD instead.