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New NBA 2K19 Super Packs Bring Great Players Like Yao Ming, James Harden and More

2019-06-11 08:41:44

NBA 2K19 MyTeam features bringing gamers some of the best player cards in the game. Just a couple of days ago, we see new NBA 2K19 Super Packs in NBA 2K19 MyTeam Store, which brings games some top Throwback Playoffs Moments cards including former All-Star Gilbert Arenas and recently-retired NBA Champion Dirk Nowitzki. They’ve done so again as of June 6 with June 10 th with new NBA 2K19 James Harden 20th Anniversary packs. The new anniversary packs features  All -Star players like James Harden, Charlie Scott and other big names for the reigning NBA MVP, and Yao Ming, and Dallas Mavericks, Kristaps Porzing from Basketball Hall of Famer .

Anniversary Packs

Galaxy Opal James Harden or Yao Ming cards are the top prizes in these special packs. In addition to these cards, gamers can also acquire the Pink Diamond cards and Diamonds for other big players, as you can see in the full list below:
Yao Ming Galaxy Opal
James Harden Galaxy Opal
Kristaps Porzingis Pink Diamond 98
Charlie Scott Pink Diamond 97
Calvin Murphy Diamond 95
Cuttino Mobley Amethyst 92
How to get these top players?
NBA 2K19 Fans can get these packs by spending VCs or MT Coins at the MyTeam Packs Market. Those packs are available for just over three days and start at 7,500 VC or 10,500 MT for a single pack of five cards. For Cheap NBA 2K19 VC, please check Pointssale.com. Alternatively, players can also get particular play card through bidding in NBA 2K19 Auction House. Since at the moment, those players are hugely in demand, it it will cost you some coins.
Meanwhile, “Welcome to MyTeam” packs currently are also on sale in the NBA 2K19 store, which also contains some diamond or pink diamond players cards with top All-Stars from past and present. They include:
Giannis Antetokounmpo Pink Diamond 96
Vince Carter Pink Diamond 98
Kobe Bryant Diamond 94
Michael Hordan Diamond 95