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NHL 19: Advanced Defense Experience For Players Of All Levels

2019-04-01 09:01:37

A good defense is one of the main differences between competitive players and casual gamers in NHL 19. Sometimes, it decides whether you’re gonna win or loss in a match. So, if you are still struggling with defense, herein our Pointssale.com put together some tips and techniques to play defense like a pro in NHL19. Also, if you are in demand of any Cheap NHL 19 Points, you can visit our website as well.

Defense Tutorial

When passing out of your zone, don't be afraid to circle back and go D to D. That sends a message to your forwards that they are too far up or sufficiently covered. Also don't be afraid to dump the puck, IMO it is very effective to change up the zone entry to keep the opposing team on their toes.
Learn to use all the gameplay tools at your disposal. The ones afforded to you when you dont have the puck are the most important imo. Defensive skill stick and pinning your opponent against the boards is key. Learn when to stick lift and when not to.
Don't chase, don't go for big hits,its all about zone denial. Don’t let any man or puck through the middle.If the whole team can cover for you and rotates, try to stand up at the blue line and force a dump in or turnover by hitting if they try to carry it in. Unless you’re the last guy back. If you’re the last man back on the line of defense, never hit, take away the pass.
Gap control is important for 2 reasons. It allows you to poke without taking a penalty, and allows you to react quickly to break up a passing play and drive them to the boards for a rub out. Don’t let them have space. You really don’t need much space to shoot so it’s important to be as close as possible to deflect and stop pucks. Always play the man and not the puck. As long as you contain your assignment you’ve done your job.
avoid giving open ice hits that take you out of position. get used to the poke check. use classic camera view. and use the pad to toggle the camera view often to know exactly where you are on the ice. keep moving, don’t get flat footed. turn auto back skate off. use L2 precision control a lot. on 2 on 1 rushes, play the pass to cut off the one timer and leave the shot to only one side of the net. one touch passing is very important. always look for the pass before you pick up the puck. be one pass ahead if yourself.


Don’t be aggressive. Let the play come to you. You have to understand that there are a handful of ways to score and when you're defending, you have to be situationally aware and understand what the offensive player is trying to do. Very rarely, an opposing player will be able to do all of the cheese goals as they usually master one of them. If you;re going to overplay it, guaranteed. Sit in the passing while holding the skate backwards button.
Don’t get mad when all the EA goals happen, they will happen and some of them will go for your advantage too. Watch some top players to play on twitch and grab your controller and  “play” with them on your own controller, you will notice little differences they do and you can take those to your own game.