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NHL 19 Auction House Guide: How To Earn A Profit By Playing Auction House

2019-02-22 08:54:34

To create a very strong team without spending any real money NHL 19, you have to learn to play  the Auction House to earn a profit, since it is a very grinding grinding process to earn coins by completing challenges. To help you out, today, in this NHL 19 Auction House guide, we’ll be walking though how to make coins from Auction House in NHL 19.

Auction House Guide

When comes to working the market, the first golden rule comes to your mind must the famous law “buy low, sell high” as well. Although we have already heard this classic economy law over hundreds of thousands times, however, it is far more difficult to practice by yourself, especially you have little knowledge about economy in real life. Before we guide you how to practice this golden rule in NHL 19 Auction House to make a profit, here are some factors you should take into consideration when you work the market in NHL 19 Auction House. If you wanna have a shotcut to a large amount of coins, you can come to our website, Pointssale.com for Cheap NHL 19 Points. Our price are much cheaper than that of official in-game store and our points are absolutely safe. Once you make a order, we’ll deliver points to you immediately. So, have a try.
Sellers Tax
In NHL 19 Auction House, EA charges 5% tax on any cards you sell. For example look for players under 20,000 coins, you see a Duchene for 17,000. Either by writing the price down or checking the spreadsheet, you see he sells for about 24,000. That’s 7,000 profit. But you’ll lose some coins due to the 5% tax. So,next time, when you make a deal, don’t forget to calculate the tax fee.
Current Selling Price
While looking at the supply, keep an eye on the current selling prices. If you sell your cards significantly lower than the lowest price on the auction house, you will likely sell them very quickly. So, you have to check Auction House from time to time to look around and know what card everyone else is selling and how much do them sell. It is especially important to know what the cheapest card is up for, and  attain a profit by “undercutting” them (offer at a lower price).
Sometimes it is best to wait a little bit before putting up a card or if you expect the cheapest card to sell then undercut the next highest person.


Selling Speed
When playing the market, you need to be fast. Remember if you see a player that’s a good price and you think you can flip it, you have a few simple steps. Press (A) on Xbox and (X) on PS4. Then down twice, (I’d use the D-pad) Press (X) or (A) again, then (A) or (X) once more. You’ll miss some cards. But that’s because many people are trying to buy them.
We all know that when the demand is over than the supply, the price goes up, otherwise, the price goes down. This is also applied in NHL 19 Auction House. Cards with better performance are always more more desirable than others. Those cards include players that are fast, have the BU synergy, and LD and RD. To name a few, Duchene, Larkin, Grabner, Keith, Ehlers, Shattenkirk, Myers, and a few more. These are good players to look out for. So, it is wise to collect some good cards and then sell them at a good price.