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Tips for Amateur Scouting in NHL 19 Franchise Mode

2019-04-24 08:40:48

There’s a huge overhaul of scouting in NHL 19 Franchise Mode. Do how do you be better at the new scouting system? Herein Pointssale.com will be walking you through major changes of scouting in NHL 19 Franchise Mode and how to scout efficiently.


NHL 19 Franchise mode Scouting Changes
In NHL 19, you’ll have a separate scouting budget, and will have to hire and fire scouts with an eye on their regional specializations. For instance, one may be an expert in Russia and Scandinavia but may have a mediocre awareness of players elsewhere. Scouts will return detailed reports with graded attributes and text descriptions, and there’s a fog-of-war element: Any players to whom you don’t assign a scout will be blind spots, with no hints of their abilities. And if you draft someone you haven’t scouted, you still won’t see their ratings until they play a few games somewhere in your organization. if you need Cheap NHL 19 Points, come to Pointssale.com, a cheap, reliable online in-game currency store.
Tips on Scouting
1. Scout every League at least 1 time at every position except Goalie. The smaller leagues have less players so you will see the more players in less scouting trips.
2. WHL, CHL ,QMJHL and US DON'T always have the best players.
3. Do not get blinded by the potential rating. I use the star system - I will explain later about this. It pays off in the later rounds
4. You need to know your team and every player on it(even the AHL)
Here is how I scout to a T.
I can’t say it enough you need to know your team needs and need to check stats every week. Who is scoring, who is not, who is getting scored on the most (+/-) and so on. This all comes into play when scouting. Pay attention to the stats. If you are getting dominated in the faceoff circle time to draft/trade for a Center who had great faceoff skill with high potential.
Here is what I call the use of the STAR System
Make sure you as the GM are sending you scout to the locations- Do not let the computer handle this. If assigned by system you will miss out on the better players late in the draft.
After scouting every locations forwards at least once you get a picture of some players in that location. This is where if you have been watching how your team is playing week in and week out you have some idea a what you need to improve.
I always scout the smaller regions 1st. Less players less times to scout all players. The more players in a location the longer you need to scout that region.
Don’t concentrate on that. WHL, CHL, QMJHL and US will 95% of the time have the most players, but remember they don’t always have the best players.
The STAR system is a sure-fire way to win in the late round drafts As you scout each regions players you reveal more and more of the players abilities.
If you see a player that you like but have only seen 1, pin him to your board and scout that region until he is seen at least 4 times. That will give you the best chance at the right decision to either keep scouting to find out 100% or take the chance and draft him.
I settle on my 5 pinned players around the trade deadline. Once there I scout only those regions until the player is all green on the star system and the scout has HIGH confidence rating on each category. If he doesn’t pan out then you pin someone else and repeat.
There is no perfect system and a lot of luck is involved but as long as you do the star system for the later rounds your farm team will be loaded with tons of potential NHL players of all caliber.
Also remember some players may rate out low in the upper 50’s to low 60’s but have elite potential. Let them develop in the minors. Some pay off, some don’t and Most can be used as trade bait to get a already developed player. And last but not least there is no chance at rebuilding a team with only draft picks, You must make trades and sign free agents to compete.