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Top 4 Features of Madden 20 Franchise Mode You Need to Know

2019-05-15 08:38:55

Another year, another Madden. If you are tired of Madden 19, it’s time to look forward to Madden 20. Although there’s still a couple of month before the release of Madden NFL 20. However, based on recent leaks and information from EA Sports, Madden NFL will be promising with new added features. Franchise mode is the most popular mode in Madden series. So, what to expect from Madden 20 Franchise Mode this year? Below, Pointssale.com has listed top 4 features you need to know about Madden 20 Franchise Mode.

Madden NFL 20

The Scenario Engine
First, this year, the franchise mode will make full use of the new Scenario Engine, Madden NFL 20‘s “instrument for recreating the dramatic storylines that drive headlines all year round in the NFL.” What this hopefully means is that we’ll experience more dynamic storylines that mimic the real world experiences of the NFL.
Scheme Fit System Changes
In addition to these scenarios, EA Tiburon has also made some changes to the scheme fit system.EA has added three new offensive schemes to better represent the current shift in the NFL to the run-pass option with younger quarterbacks. They include: the new West Coast Spread, which focuses on quick-strike horizontal passes to open up running lanes for the quarterback; the Pistol, a shotgun-based formation that targes the weak side of the field with runs or passes; and the Air Raid, a pass-heavy no-huddle system that’s perfect for players who prefer to make adjustments at the line.
To counter, four new defensive schemes have been added: 4-3 Cover 3, a safe formation to minimize gains; the 3-4 Storm to pressure the quarterback; 4-3 Quarters (or Cover-4) to contain the spread offense; and 3-4 Disguise, which emphasizes symmetrical lineups to disguise blitzes.
Face of the Franchise: QB1
Face of the Franchise: QB1is Madden NFL 20‘s new addition to the popular Franchise mode.   This time the story focus on becoming a dominant starting quarterback. This customizable Career Campaign is all about you, with personalized playable scenarios, events, and dynamic challenges. You’ll find gridiron glory and each decision you make matters on your path to NFL stardom. Let’s hit the field with the five most important features the new Career Campaign has to offer.


Super Star X-Factors
For too many years, there has been too little player differentiation when playing CPU opponents. This could change with the addition of superstar skills and X-Factor players. The main purpose of “Superstar X-Factor” is to make stars feel like stars in game. The “X-Factor” group will be comprised of 50 players that are the absolute best in the league. The “Superstar” group will have more players in it and will be fluid throughout the year.
These abilities will be available throughout all game modes including Ultimate Team, Franchise and Regs.
One good example of how this will all be implemented is, Madden 20 cover star Patrick Mahomes. This is what his attributes will look like.
Zone Ability
Bazooka – When in the zone, increase maximum pass distance
Objective: Complete a TBD-number of passes over 30-yards
Knock-Out: Interception or sack
Superstar Abilities
No Look Deadeye – Perfect passing accuracy on cross-body throws
Escape Artist – Elite speed and agility when scrambling on passing plays
Dashing Deadeye – Perfect passing accuracy when throwing on the run
Red Zone Deadeye – Perfect passing accuracy when throwing inside the red zone
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